April News

During this trying time in our world, our school district and individual schools are working to maintain as much normalcy as possible for our students. Recent mandates from President Trump and Governor Edwards make it necessary for schools to remain closed.  While families are encouraged to stay home and stay safe please be encouraged to know that administration and staff are working daily to plan and deliver high quality instructional opportunities for our students.  Later this week, students can visit their teacher’s web pages and obtain important codes that will allow them to access face to face lessons provided by their teachers.  We are truly excited about this and hope that students will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

There is guidance on the MCS homepage explaining the procedures necessary for students to access teacher web pages.  The current plan is as follows:

Science and Social Studies Instruction (All Grades) - Monday

ELA Instruction (All Grades) - Tuesday

Math Instruction (All Grades) - Wednesday

Electives (Library, P.E. and Music) Instruction - Thursday

**It is important that you check your teacher's page for exact times and access codes.