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Ms. L. Elliott

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Hi! I’m Ms. Elliott and I am your child’s Library Media Specialist. Our theme this school year is "We Are WILD About READING"  Your child’s class will visit the library once a week for a lesson and to checkout books. We are encouraging our students to read more Chapter books and more Non-Fiction books! Depending on your child’s grade level, their lessons may include a short activity, book talks or recommendations, training in acceptable use of the District resources, internet safety/cyberbullying, internet resources, research strategies and resources, copyright law and location skills-how to find things in the library, author studies, genre studies, plus much, much more! 

Students are expected to bring their books with them every week on their library day. They may either return their books or renew them (check them out again.) Students can check out 2 books (if he/she does not have any books due). Our library hours are 8:00am-3:00pm. Students are welcome to visit the library to exchange their books at any time with teacher permission.

Parents are strongly encouraged to visit our school. If your schedule permits, please consider reading to your child's class in the library.  We would love to see you and we have plenty of good books!

I look forward to working with your child! Please feel free to contact me at 318-410-1378 x4829

LaWanda Elliott